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” It should be noted that with this hacking tool Legion of Scorn was not broken. It’s also clear that the virus itself is trying to sell the hacked files to the world’s scammers. #Breaking: DDoS attacks launched against EVE Online players. @CCP_Foundation is investigating. — EVE Online (@EVEonline) December 5, 2019 That’s right, today’s hacker news isn’t about Windows users but one of the most popular games in the world. CCP has confirmed that some players were affected. On December 4th a number of players reported that their accounts had been DDoS (a type of computer attack that overwhelms a target’s internet connection) attacked. The attack was aimed at the secure but unencrypted WiFi hotspots that many of those who use the virtual worlds are forced to use. “We are currently investigating an incident in which an unencrypted WiFi hotspot was used to directly impact a small number of players in EVE Online,” a CCP representative told The Verge. “There is no impact to the game itself.” It should be noted that this attack was not successfully executed. Still, the fact that it did happen shows that the attacks were well-coordinated and an act of cyber terrorism. “We are working with experts in the field to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.” The Battle of Marseilles, or the Battle of Marseille, was the first naval action of World War I. It took place off the coast of the French city of Marseille, on 22 February 1915, as part of the general Allied operations to force the surrender of the Ottoman forces in the Dardanelles Campaign during World War I. The city suffered heavy damage from Ottoman artillery fire in the early stages of the battle. After failing to accomplish its mission in the Mediterranean Sea, the French naval force was recalled to France. The Battle of Cape St. Vincent (sometimes called the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, Battle of Agadir or Battle of Agadir Harbor) was the next naval action of World War I, involving the Austrian, British, French, and Italian fleets. This was part of the Allied strategy of an effort to turn the attention of Ottoman forces away from Gallipoli. The British and French fleets fought a



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